Think of a life situation that has significantly impacted you. What happened? How did it make you feel? Who was involved? What were the outcomes? How has this event make you who you are today?

Life situations can impact us in either positive or negative ways.

Let’s think back to that event that impacted you. Did that event nearly take you out? Did it make you a better person? Did it knock you off your feet for a while or give you “food for thought”?

Let’s explore this interesting thing called “impact”.


Noun: the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.

Verb: 1) come into forcible contact with another object & 2) have a strong effect on someone or something.

Shyrlena Bogard started out life living in rural Tennessee. At the tender age of 14 she became a mother. Though such an event could have pigeon-holed her into a life of poverty & lack, Shyrlena decided not to let circumstances limit her. She decided she would never give up, & made a commitment to help empower other women in her life. She is now Shyrlena Bogard, MD & her greatest joy is that every young girl & woman understands her own beauty & inner strength. Dr. Bogard is a speaker & will soon host The V-Spot Affair (, an event for all things women.

Let’s be like Dr. Bogard & let how life impacts us allow us to impact the lives of others. Let’s take the action of an occurrence that forcibly comes in contact with us be the fuel for us to have a strong effect on someone else.


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