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Today I received a lovely gift in the mail from a fellow business friend & colleague, Keri Murphy, from

As pictured at the left, the gift was a beautiful bracelet from (as a side note, 25% of all profits from this company go to “good causes”)!

Inscribed upon the bracelet is the phrase: Believe You Can Accomplish Anything.

Let that declarative statement sink in. Believe You Can Accomplish Anything.

Do you believe that (no pun intended)!?

What’s your answer? Not just a “yes” or “no”, but on a scale of 0-100%, how much “buy in” do you have to that phrase?

Sometimes we “kind of” believe in things, so the answer is “yes”, but the truth is we ebb & flow in how we feel about our own abilities to accomplish great goals.

Do I believe I can accomplish anything? Sure – anything that I’m truly placed on this earth to accomplish.

I believe in God’s ability to perform miracles, yet also believe I am called to be responsible & “do” what I can within my control. This includes “upping my game” by honing my skills & talents, collaborating with other awesome thinkers & doers, & enjoying the journey.

I personally believe I can accomplish anything within my capabilities. I also believe I can accomplish more with others. There is magic when we all come together, each with our own gifts, perspectives, & desires to do great things in the world.

So tell me, what do you believe you can accomplish?